What Do I Want For Christmas? Ultimate Gift Ideas!

When seeing sparkling lights above town centers, twinkles of the tinsel in store windows and hearing hurried footsteps around high street pavements, you know Christmas is around the corner. As a big and important holiday, everyone wants to give best wishes and awesome gifts to their beloved ones.

Picking up suitable Christmas gifts for those on your list might be quite tricky. Sometimes, you need to choose must-get items because your kids wrote about it in their annual letters to Santa Claus. It’s considered as an easy way. However, if you want something special and think that your kids will love it, you need to know 4 vital gift rules to get the most appropriate present. The rules include:

  • Something they need
  • Something they want
  • Something to read
  • And something to wear

Are you sure that you know which one will be perfect for them?

To help you get the juices flowing smoothly, I’ve shown an array answers of “What do I want for Christmas?” and Christmas gift ideas with proper suggestions for everyone. Whether you’re scouting about for your children or your husband/wife or your parents, you’re guaranteed to purchase the right present.


Looking for the right gifts for the ones you love will show how much you appreciate and love them. It’s also a great surprise for them when they recognize that you remember their particular hobbies and interests.


It can be said that gardening is an interesting job that everyone enjoys. Some prefer to take care a couple of small pots on their balcony while some are dealing with big backyards with full of plants, trees, and flowers. To pick up the best gifts for the garden lovers, try looking at two tool sets below.

Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set

A gardening tools set from Vremi with 9 convenient hand tools, gloves, a spray bottle and carrying bag for all seems to be perfect for the garden enthusiasts. Not only can you bring the tool around easily but also store all in the set, guaranteeing that you never lose or forget anything. The tools include a trowel shovel, rake hoe, weeder, spade, cultivator, pruning shears, watering spray bottle, and a pair of protective gloves that are made from high-quality materials and lightweight to use.

tool tower from Rubbermaid

Instead of throwing these tools everywhere in your garage, you can save space and get them off the floor tidily thanks to the tool tower from Rubbermaid. This unit is excellent for long-handled garden tools because it’s able to store up to 40 tools such as brooms, rakes, snow shovels, etc. with ease. Moreover, it comes with an electric cord holder and a molded-in weed trimmer. What’s more, two of the casters make it easy to move.


The truth is that most of the people love traveling and discovering interesting things from new lands. If your husband/wife and kids prefer to visit new destinations in this Christmas, here are a couple of things that you shouldn’t miss.


A solar hydration backpack from ECEEN

Try imaging that your family decides to spend time outdoors away from electricity. And when you need to use your smartphone to find something, it almost runs out of battery. What will you do?

A solar hydration backpack from ECEEN will be a really smart investment that helps you charge gadgets effectively when you have no access to electricity. This backpack is designed with a flexible solar panel framed to its back that easily takes the power from the sun and then transfers it into the electric energy. Besides, it features 7W solar chargers and 10,000mAh waterproof solar power battery. What’s more, it comes with a 2-liter bladder with a sipping pipe so that you can drink water easily.


family tent with a hinged door from Coleman

Another important item for camping outdoor is a family tent with a hinged door from Coleman. I truly love this tent since it offers ample spaces for relaxation and sleeping for large groups. Especially, it’s all enough for six-footers. This tent has an elastic waterproof floor with welded floor seams in order to prevent water from soaking through. Plus, it comes with the big hinged door that makes you feel like being at home, though you’re in outdoors.

I’m sure you just take about 10 minutes to set up it. Or even if this is your first time, everything will become simple as long as you follow instructions carefully.


Panasonic earphones

If your husband loves to sleep in cars and flights while traveling, why don’t you think of a great pair of headphones? Browsing through online shops, I found Panasonic earphones that are perfect for my husband’s demand. It’s lightweight, over-the-ear and comes in a retro design with different colors. Of course, the sound quality that is delivered through the headphones is perfect.


When you have to wait so long for the next flight, finding something to read is ideal, right? Instead of carrying lots of books, buying an Amazon Kindle for ebook reading is known as one of the most excellent Christmas gift ideas. Although Amazon has added plenty of new features to its lineup, you might be confused when picking up the most suitable model for yourself. To help you make up your mind, below are 4 different ones.

  • The basic Kindle

Designed with a 6-inch touchscreen and a built-in Wi-Fi, this model is perfect for casual readers who often read ebooks at home. Besides, it comes at an affordable price. However, if you’re in somewhere without Wi-Fi, it’s hard to connect to the internet to update new books.

  • The Kindle Paperwhite

This model is a good midmarket choice for budget-aware bookworms. Not only does it provide more advanced features than the above one but also has a relatively affordable price. Wonderfully, the Kindle Paperwhite comes in both Wi-Fi and 3G versions.

  • The Kindle Voyage

As compared with the Paperwhite, the Voyage is lighter and thinner. Furthermore, it has an ambient light sensor and PagePress buttons that work well for enthusiastic readers who often read outside.

  • The Kindle Oasis

Amongst the Kindle models, the Oasis is rated as the most expensive one. Of course, its quality is the top with the longest battery life and the lightest weight. As a tech-savvy user, you will soon recognize that this device is perfect.



If your family visited lots of destinations, do you want to save these names on a world map as a beautiful memory? An interesting scratch map will be a perfect choice so that you can mark where you came and which place you’re going to go in the future.

This brilliant map has a black background and a copper foil covering, making an intricate and sleek look on any wall. It shows everything from cities to islands and oceans that are designed in details. Stick the scratch map on your wall and let your kids scratch off any destination that they’ve visited with a coin.


When making mention of tech gifts for your friend or any family member, it’s actually hard because there is a huge number of tech gadgets. The most important thing is that you need to be aware of your beloved ones’ demand and hobby. I, myself, spent lots of time on finding the suitable tech gifts in former times. Luckily, I discovered that there are three devices that easily make anyone feel satisfied. But, ensure that money is not your big problem.



Most people prefer to play games. But, to get real experiences from the virtual world, you should take notice of the PlayStation VR. It offers lots of big games such as Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience, Golem, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, etc. that can bring you tons of fantastic challenges. And don’t worry about its headset since it’s amazingly adjustable and doesn’t tighten your head. Even you can wear it while wearing glasses.


playstation 4

PlayStation 4 is known as an indispensable accompaniment to the PlayStation VR. What I liked is that PS4 offers over 200 disc-based video games including Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA Soccer, and so on. Furthermore, its extensive library is going to introduce exclusive games like Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Everybody’s Golf, Knack II, etc. What’s more, more than 500 games are available for downloading via the network of PlayStation.

What do you think about spending this occasion on playing awesome games with your friends and beloved family members? It’s so great, isn’t it?


The small printer from Monoprice

Some might think that buying a 3D printer is a weird idea. But, do you know that lots of kids, even adults love to play with this machine since it’s fun and educational? The small printer from Monoprice is totally perfect for newbies. It works with both PLA and ABS filaments as well as dissolvable PVA. Additionally, it comes with a microSD card that contains preinstalled models.

In case that the 3D printer exceeds your budget, you can consider a 3D printing pen that also brings fun experiences with 3D printing. Of course, you cannot create a “real” thing like the printer, but it’s quite enjoyable.


The most fantastic gifts for movies fans might be DVDs of their favorite films or a sneak-show ticket for the latest part in their favorite film series. If you used to give these presents before, why don’t you try finding something special that the receivers will be surprised when seeing your gift under the Christmas’ tree? Here are two items that I’m sure Star Wars fans extremely love.



Own a Star Wars robot, why not?

The Sphero has created a droid called BB-8 that appeared in the 7th Star Wars movies, the Force Awakens. Thanks to Bluetooth smart connection, you can control this app-enabled toy via giving vocal commands and intuitive control. Try imagining that your kid looks like Jedi King when he just waves his hand and the BB-8 follows all his orders.



A ceramic mug which is well-designed with a familiar character of Darth Vader Stein might be a great Christmas gift idea for your husband if he is a big fan of Star Wars movies and prefers to drink beer or coffee while watching. This mug contains 22 ounces of water and comes in a 9-inch height that would be fine for drinking. Besides, it’s perfect for a spot in the collection of Star Wars items.


As searching for your list of beloved people in your life, there are always some fitness fanatics you want to give perfect gifts to them, right?


fitness wristband

How about a fitness wristband? If they don’t actually have one, this item will be a good choice. It permits the person to pay attention to their daily activities as well as keeping a close watch on the amount of calorie burned, heart rate, distance traveled, sleep, etc. Wonderfully, you can connect it to your smartphone in order to calculate lap splits or capture running routes.

juicer from Omega

Aside from exercising every day, having a right diet is necessary as well. For those who prefer healthy nutritious drinks, let’s gift them a juicer from Omega. This device avails its powerful motor and drill to cold-press a great amount of juice, even the most difficult ones. Although it looks small, it’s solidly built. Furthermore, it’s easy to operate and clean by hand.


Board games are always known as a great gift for any holidays. Although sometimes it’s hard to select the perfect one for your beloved ones, you just determine which category that your friend loves to play via checking some ideas below.

  • Classic board games are a good place to start for small groups with the games that have been played for years.
  • Card games are quite easy to take on the go with you, yet provide variations that you can discover any level of complicated things you want.
  • Party games are ideal for larger groups when you need a good amount of social interaction.
  • Family games often come with family-friendly mechanics and themes that are easy to access and play.
  • Two-player games are just perfect for two of persons.
Board games

One of the most classic board games that I’m sure everyone loves to play is Monopoly. First marketed in 1935, it has soon attracted over 500 million players from around the world, making it the world’s most famous board game. Inside the box of Monopoly, you will find fantastic features like a familiar bi-fold game board, standard size for money tray, properties, etc. And don’t forget to read its rules to know how to play.

Pie Face Showdown game

The funny Pie Face Showdown game definitively makes your friends and family members laugh out loud. Although it gets a bit messy, it’s so much fun to enjoy. Load the throwing arm with a cake or an included wet sponge. Then both players need to smash the red button as quickly as possible and see who will be the first one to “cream” the opponent.

Forbidden Island

In case you want something strategic and problem solving, playing Forbidden Island is a nice idea. The main objective of this cooperative board game is that players need to work as a team to collect all four treasures and escape before the island sinks.


To seek for the best gifts for your beloved people, you just know their hobbies and then buy the ideal present. Above is a series of presents that are listed depending on various interests such as gardening, traveling, movie, etc. But, if you don’t find anything suitable, the following are other ideas for each group of people.



“What does a woman want for the Christmas?” It might be a tricky question, simply because every woman has different tastes and interests. We often rely on our perspectives to pick up gifts for the opposite gender and think that she will like it, not the ones she actually likes. So, if you’re seeking for an ideal present for the woman in your life, the first most important thing is that you need to understand what she is looking for in your present.

Most of them value care and love more than the gift itself. What does it mean? The opposite gender tends to analyze the purposes behind your gifts. Remember that the love, care, and thought that you put into the gift is more meaningful than how badly the woman needs the gift.


If your wife does most of the cooking in your house, why don’t you try becoming a master chef and make a special menu, just for her in the Christmas? Don’t mind whether you are not good at cooking because every woman loves to see her husband in the kitchen.


To women who enjoy gardening and being outside, a small garden is their perfect gift. Depending on your backyard’s size, you can plant small bushes of roses or any flowers she loves. Aside from buying or ordering some plants, don’t forget to gift her a gardening tool set. And always spend time on doing gardening work with her. Relying on that, she will feel your love anytime she is in the garden.


Buying a necklace or pair of earrings is simple because anyone can do it. However, if you put your thoughts into the jewelry, it can highly increase the romance. You can consider some personalized pieces of jewelry such as the necklace engraved with your wedding day or a ring with her birthstone.


To the married women, the most valuable gift is time. Instead of looking for traditional presents, why don’t you take your kids out for a few hours and give her a couple of times for relaxing? However, remember to tell her about it via leaving a message. Don’t say directly because you want to have a surprise for her, right?

When you send her this gift, think about what she would like to do. Prepare a new book that she’s been wanting to read or rent her preferred movies. And don’t forget to bring her favorite meal and something to drink.



Men are said as simple creatures in the world. But, try shopping for them and you soon discover that finding the right gifts for them is not easy. As I said above, avoid buying anything that you think they will like. The best thing is to gift them something that they truly use in their daily lives. Some examples below will help you a lot.


Most of the men love looking at electronic devices and finding how they work. Instead of wandering around the electronic store and finding the one your man wants, just give him gift vouchers, go with him and see which one he truly likes.


If the jewelry for women is the simplest thing, gifting games or movies for men is similar. It’s not hard to find out which movie or game your husband loves to see and play. DVDs about a series of Marvel films or the latest PlayStation makes him feel excited.


Or if the man in your life is a bookworm, gifting him some books or a Kindle to read ebooks is an excellent idea.


Don’t think that Lego is just for your kids, not your husband. The men are actually little boys in grown-up bodies. And no matter how old they are, Lego is still a great gift.


Are your children boys or girls? And how old are they?

If your kids are still young, it’s easy to celebrate a small and saving Christmas because they won’t remember anything. Even, they cannot open gifts. But, don’t make light of giving presents to them. Since Christmas is a special occasion, putting colorful boxes under the trees will make your kids feel enthusiastic.

To older children, you should apply my 4 important rules at the beginning of the post so that you might not encounter some disappointments from them. Here are some suggestions of Christmas gift ideas for kids.



  • Something they need – a fresh investment account for future.
  • Something they want – just a nice and wooden toy.
  • Something to read – any picture book that comes with something interactive in it.
  • Something to wear – a cute socks or puppet. You might consider new clothes as well.


  • Something they need – a new gloves or coat or another big kid bed.
  • Something they want – kitchen toys.
  • Something to read – any picture book that is memorable and inspirational.
  • Something to wear – dress up clothes such as Elsa (for girls) or Batman (for boys).


  • Something they need – a musical instrument that they’ve playing in school.
  • Something they want – a new bike.
  • Something to read – a complete series that they enjoy.
  • Something to wear – a pair of sneakers.


  • Something they need – a laptop or tablet.
  • Something they want – a smartphone.
  • Something to read – a typical magazine subscription, a new series, or something that relates to their career aspirations.
  • Something to wear – a gift card to their preferred clothing shop.


When you’re young, receiving presents is always the most terrific part of holidays. And now you are real adults, it’s time to think about gifts for your beloved parents. Sometimes, it’s difficult to look for exactly what they need or want. Even you express a wish to give them something, they often say NO.

So, how to pick up the right gifts for them?

Try to determine whether your parents are outdoor adventurers or indoor types. Do they love patio parties and meet their old friends? Or they love to cook together or be interested in tech toys? In fact, there are lots of unique gift ideas for parents in this Christmas.



There is nothing your parents love more than beautiful family photos. Try thinking of a camera that can help them take a picture and print it instantly. Or prepare an emotional photo in a pretty frame as a gift for them. Or if you want to make it extra special, try doing a photobook with every member of your family. Your parents definitively love it.

Nikon Coolpix L340


Instead of picking up available gift baskets, why don’t you spend your time on going to the supermarket and choose a basket filled with your parent’s favorite goodies? Or if you are clever with your hands, try making a DIY gift basket and fill it with delicious food.



A gift voucher for a meal at their favorite restaurant or a short holiday near their place will be an ideal gift for your parents. Or if they love enjoying a concert, sporting event, gallery night, or theater performance, a ticket for two is also a fantastic idea.


If your parents are away from you, Christmas is an occasion to gather. Lots of parents want to meet their son/daughter and grandchild after a long time. Call them that you will come back home for the holidays to celebrate a great party.


“Oh, no. I forgot a gift for…”

Have you ever fell into that trouble when everything for the Christmas’ party is ready? Awfully, you don’t have time to come to the nearest store or think what you should buy. One of the best gifts that can help you get out of this bad situation is Amazon holiday gift cards. It’s hard to decide wrong with a card from the most popular retailer – Amazon.com , one of the best e-commerce sites.

You are able to purchase the gift cards in any amount from $1 to $2,000. And the Amazon gift cards never expire and have no extra fees. More interestingly, these gifts cards are sent in a variety of formats, depending on your choice.

For instance, the physical cards are freely shipped in a gift box that you select, just in 24 hours. To the eGift cards, you can receive it instantly or schedule its delivery. In addition, Amazon generously offers different unique ways for you to present someone like package gift tags or a gift card bookmark. Or try uploading your photo to make your gift card look personalized.

The holidays just become easier thanks to the Amazon holiday gift cards. If you truly forget something for someone, these gift cards will be your best last-minute ones.


Keep in mind that after writing the person who deserves to receive gifts for the holidays, you need to set a spending limit to avoid facing a high credit card bill later.

Don’t wait until the nearest day of the Christmas and start preparing presents unless you like the stress and challenge of shopping with huge crowds. The best thing is to shop as soon as possible. October sounds too early, but it’s the good time since you can catch nice items with good price. Even you can bargain effectively than waiting to the last minutes and then accepting the high price.

However, if you don’t actually have time, shopping online is quite ideal. You can decide to visit Amazon and search for awesome items for the Christmas without facing up to crowds. Wonderfully, you might get fantastic discounts for some typical items.

What Do I Want For Christmas

Generally speaking, you need to prepare everything before about 2 months to avoid unnecessary situations. And after reading my article on “What Do I Want For Christmas?”, do you feel satisfied? With a clear list of presents for different hobbies and different groups of people, I hope that you can pick up the suitable ones for every person on your list. Will a gardening tool set be perfect for your parents who enjoy gardening? Or gift vouchers are an excellent choice for everyone? Or gifting the Amazon Kindle is ideal than buying a lot of books for your friends?

Just consider everything carefully or you can ask me any query via leaving your comments below. I’m always here to help you. And if you like this post, share it now.

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