How To Choose The Best Wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow is actually a helpful assistant for you to easily move anything you want around your house. Most kinds of wheelbarrow have a fit size that is totally suitable for both large and small materials. So there’s no need for you to try to carry heavy cement or fertilizer, the wheelbarrow will help you save your strength.

However, it is really crucial to think carefully about where you want to use wheelbarrow: on your yard, in your living area or in your garden to choose the right one.


There’s a wide variety of customization as well as options that are equipped on wheelbarrows for you to choose. The following are the best wheelbarrows. I’ve also analyzed their features to help you have a clear understanding about which kind of wheelbarrow that you want.


There’re 3 options for you to choose. The suitable wheelbarrow will depend on your personal preferences as well as your garden’s conditions.

  • Hybrid wheelbarrows

They are the ones that still remain the classic design but also be upgraded with modern use. The previous design of wheelbarrow had only one wheel and it’s not fit enough to carry many things at once.

Now, they’ve been redesigned with more wheels: two and even four ones. Besides, their sizes are also varied. So there’s lots of options for you to choose.

  • Hill-use wheelbarrows

They’re relatively perfect for you if you live in the hilly area.

In fact, there’re still not any wheelbarrows specifically designed for hill-use; however, if you understand clearly the terrain of the area you live, you can purchase the one greatly suitable for its conditions.

You may need a lightweight frame wheelbarrow, especially with plastic of high quality. In that case, it’s necessary to lubricate its ball bearings well. In addition, that wheelbarrow should have grip-equipped handle to be put up easily to the hill.

Moreover, the wheelbarrow with two wheels will be a good choice for you because of its great stability while moving.

  • Electric wheelbarrows

They are great wheelbarrows with high technology that you might consider. And of course, it’s rather expensive when compared to other hybrid or traditional ones. Furthermore, you might also spend extra costs of maintaining after purchasing.

Although they are also sold on their market, these wheelbarrows aren’t really popular. It’s also not high-recommended just only because there’s no need for them.

In spite of that, I extremely enjoy its modification which is cleverly motorized. How amazing people’s ingenuity is!


In general, there’re three options of wheelbarrows’ wheel for you to choose: non-pneumatic, semi-pneumatic and pneumatic.

  • Non-pneumatic tires

Non-pneumatic or airless ones is an option with hard rubber. These tires can’t go flat easily as well as don’t need your effort too much when carrying heavy loads; especially when pushing it up the hill.

  • Semi-pneumatic tires

They have many hollow sections scattering around the tires to let the air in. It helps you reduce the time to refill air to them. Besides, this makes them more lightweight and not easily go flat. However, they’re rather difficult to find nowadays.

  • Pneumatic tires

Pneumatic ones look a little bit like the tires of bicycle. They are designed with inside air tubes acting as a shock absorber when transporting loads. Especially, they’ll do well in the case going up or down the staircases. However, you should refill them with air frequently because they can go flat at any time.


The materials used to make the wheelbarrows’ load tray can be:

  • Plastic (Polyethlene)
  • Fabric (Typically for folding wheelbarrow)
  • Wood
  • Metal (or Stainless Steel)

Conventionally, the sturdy and heavy features of the materials of load tub are in direct ratio with the weight of the wheelbarrows that you carry. It means that if they’re heavier, you need to put a strong effort to use them.

So you should choose the one which not only support you to move anything you want but also not so heavy for you to use easily. In that case, polyethylene plastic or lightweight metal will be an extremely great choice.


If you want a wheelbarrow using in your garden, a lightweight one will be appropriate. With its support, you can easily move everything around with a small amount.

While wheelbarrows made from steel do well with heavy things, such as concrete or cement; therefore, if you have a clear understanding about your purpose, you will know which wheelbarrow you should purchase.


There many sizes for you to choose ranging from four to eight cu. ft. but most of them are in the size of 6 cu. ft. So it appears to be so large to use on the yard or in the garden. It can also make the wheelbarrow much heavier to push.


The level of comfortable and easy feature will depend on the materials used for making the handle that you choose. Steel or wood are typical types. You can carry heavy things well with the help of steel handles. They’re often equipped on contractor-grade or higher capacity models; while wood handles are either much lighter or flexible that makes the users feel more comfortable.

Evenly, TruGrip wheelbarrows of Truper are also designed loop grips on the steel-handle ends to reduce the strain putting on users.


After using and putting your wheelbarrow aside, it’s time for it to rest. If your wheelbarrow is not a type of four-wheel one, it’ll be designed with some kind of resting structure while not being used.

The wheelbarrows made from stainless steel would be the best one. They can bear with the greatly heaviest loads without warping.


Which kind do you want: one or two wheels? Under the most of wheelbarrows’ trays is usually a wheel with 2 legs for keeping stable in its back. This helps them move easily on varied terrain, especially on hills as well as easy to unload and upload materials. While the single-wheel one is quite hard to keep stable and controlled when moving heavy loads.


The design of dual-wheel one is less popular but its great features of stability and balancing are undeniable. It’s rather hard to use in narrow space; therefore, if you intend to use this kind of wheelbarrow, you should use it in a large space.


This feature rarely appear in wheelbarrows but not completely. Some also are designed with extra storage racks which run on the tub sides or between handles. They’ll help you much in loading up mulch bags, garden tools or oddly-shaped items.


If you use the wheelbarrow outside, it will be crucial to choose the one with well resistant materials. This is because there’re lots of factors affecting your wheelbarrow outside. For example, the sunlight will affect plastic load tub or the metal one be rust out. So if can, getting stainless steel one is best.


It’s actually important for you to check carefully the warranties of any gardening equipment which is somehow expensive. Some brands offer great warranty but some others not; therefore, you should know clearly what will be involved and not in the warranty before purchasing.

The level of warranty can contrast the quality of the product and its company. Let wonder why that company offers too great warranty if they know their product are poor-made. All things they do have their own purpose.


The following guides can help you know the proper ways to use wheelbarrows. Besides, you can refer to this video:

Before using, make sure your wheelbarrow’s tires are filled with air and don’t miss any bolts and don’t have bent stays, handles or legs.

  • Make sure the handles of timber-handle wheelbarrow are not damaged or split.
  • Make sure the area using wheelbarrows don’t have any many obstacles, such as large sticks or rocks.
  • Avoid uploading too much material on wheelbarrows at a same time.
  • Balancing the tray with the biased weight toward its front but still equal on both sides.
  • Don’t try to load so much and high materials that you can’t see around as well as prevent the materials protruding out of barrow’s sides.
  • Using your legs to lift the barrow, avoid using your back.
  • Don’t drag the barrows backwards, just go forwards.
  • Be careful with unstable materials, such as concrete or cement because they can easily shift position and overbalance your barrow.
  • In case your wheelbarrow tip over, just let it go. Leverage can help you lift heavy things easily but it will be out of order as soon as it tips.
  • Remember to unload the materials slowly as well as hold the grips firmly as much as possible.



Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

GOR866D – Gorilla Carts are considered the easiest way to move materials on all sides of your yard as doing landscaping projects or gardening.

Designed with a strength poly bed which is made of black finish and steel frame, this best garden cart is rust resistant, easy to cleanse, and maintenance-free; thus, it gives you years of reliable service. Moreover, this poly dump cart helps you to mitigate fatigue and save time thanks to its perfect dump design.

Additionally, it’s suitable for smaller users as the simple dump design doesn’t need the muscular ones to operate.

The distinctive rotate D-handle can be easily pulled by hand and hooked-up at the back of a lawn hitch with no need of purchasing luxurious converters or improvising several attachments.

A plus point of this cart is that it looks amazing. You definitely don’t feel regret when spending a lot of pennies on it as it’s might be the last dump cart you must have.

Things we liked
  • Given a 1-year limited guaranty
  • Makes unloading easier and faster
  • Convertible D-handle can be totally hooked-up behind an ATV or a trailer hitch
  • 1,200-pound transporting capacity for transporting heavy plants, mulch, gravel, and dirt
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires deal with any hard ground
Things we didn’t like
  • Slow towing. When loaded, and particularly when empty, the garden cart will “hunt” backward and forward and eventually overturn
  • Difficult to put it together


Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart

Through many best garden cart reviews, the Yard Cart is known as one of the most well-liked dual wheel wheelbarrows on the market.

Its comfortable and light-weight design enables gardening to become an easy task with maneuverability, easier balancing, as well as lower lifting effort.

It’s ideal for easy projects surrounding the house’s yard for operators of all strengths and ages. Hence, it becomes a wonderful outdoor gift for a backyard enthusiast and gardener as well.

This Marathon Yard Rover is designed with a full line of flat free and air filled tire. In addition, the wheel is specially assembled for cutting lawn and doing garden. Furthermore, industrial or commercial apparatus helps wheelbarrows and carts run smoothly.

Especially, the unique design of 5-cubic-foot tray is perfect to deal with yard debris, firewood, gravel, mulch and much more. Because of its lightweight; hence, with the same workload, you waste less effort.

The cart’s loop handle enables it to easily hang on the wall in a shed or a garage when not being used; thus, it saves valuable space.

Things we liked
  • Weighs 29 pounds – around 25 percent less than a common wheelbarrow
  • Designed with balanced, big dual wheels with a smooth ride for whatever work you’re going to do
  • Ideal for residential use
  • Simple instruction
  • Easier to maneuver, balance, and lift
Things we didn’t like
  • As for truly nice tire protection, i sometimes gets several foam pipe insulation as well as slices it longways, wraps it each tire and goes at it with the duct tape


WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart

The Worx multifunction cart is mentioned as a multipurpose yard cart and wheelbarrow with the ability to work well after several times of use and easily convert into a dolly.

In fact, this cart brand is considered as an “8-in-1 moving as well as lifting work system which can immediately convert between a trailer tote, cylinder carrier, dolly, plant/rock mover, extended dolly, yard cart, bag holder, and wheelbarrow.”

This Aerocart cart is covered with a layer of power made of steel. It weighs about 48 Ibs and is firm enough to easily deal with all yard jobs that you throw at it. The product is equipped with extension arms that can bear heavy loads up to 80 Ibs. Also, it’s really perfect for moving rocks, plants and many other landscaping stuff.

With the 2-Wheeled design, the cart makes us easier to modify its central gravity and makes weighty loads more practicable. In reality, the Aerocart helps you feel a 200-Ib load like 17Ibs. Therefore, your joints and your back are much more comfortable. You will soon find your yard jobs become much easier and are done in the quickest time.

Things we liked
  • Designed with two wheels
  • Ease of store
  • Flat-free and oversized tires never need to be inflated
  • Easily hold a lot of things
  • Equipped with holders and security straps
  • It is made well and has wonderful ideal of gimmicky attachments
Things we didn’t like
  • Quite hard to assemble
  • It’s a little awkward for tall users to operate
  • Sits quite low compared to the ground


ackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

Despite of the Jackson M6T22’s having one wheel, when in place it stands stably since it has sturdy metal legs. Blue paint and heavy duty steel are used to make the tray. Both of them are long-lasting and enduring.

The transportation is simpler, which means pushing it is easier thanks to its size. Moreover, your work will be less hard with the help of its hydraulic wheel. No matter how heavy the load is, it still rolls easily, which is useful saving your strength in moving as well as pushing your load.

With residential backyard, this wheelbarrow is an ideal option due to its size. A wheelbarrow with many functions may not be what you need.

You have to not worry about carrying your usual waste and debris, for its size, Jackson M6T22 is already perfect for that job.

Things we liked
  • Moving easily because of its large tires
  • Rust-resistant steel material
  • Enduring and tough
  • Pro-type design
  • Capable of loading 500 pounds because of its 6 Cubic Feet volume
Things we didn’t like
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Best working conditions are with light loads and tasks


Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

The Polar Club Cart which is the lightest cart and specially designed for weighty tasks is ideal for any lawn tasks on your checklists.

Its tray volume is u cubic feet which extends its load capability up to 400 pounds. This feature allows you to load reasonably much anything.

When mention at the tub, this wheelbarrow will definitely not let you down. Not only is its tub large but it also is manufactured from a polyethylene with high impact. This material absorbs much pressure and is sturdy enough, not as sturdy as steel, however, it can endure the weight of load. The Polar Club Cart weighs 35 pounds and its dimension is 50 x 28 x 29 inches.

2-16 x 4.8 – inches is the measure of each wide and rough tires. Furthermore, a ball bearing is used to shield each tires. When dragging a heavy load or at stationary, it also provides a good balance thanks to its overall design.

Things we liked
  • The tub is long-lasting because of heavy-task polyethylene material
  • Frame of strong steel
  • Dual wheel creates stability
  • Wonderful control and balance although the load is weighty
  • Solid tires
Things we didn’t like
  • Some of the assembly holes not drilled
  • Poor assembly instructions hard to put together


No matter what you are looking for, carrying out some heavy duty project of construction or tilling your garden, you should not strain your back with manually carrying work. It is wise to get one of these above-reviewed best wheelbarrows so that your work will be 10 times easier.

Not only are the mentioned products simple to handle but they are also enduring and designed to convey weighty load with great simplicity. Wheelbarrows, which are designed for good balance ability, are manufactured to assist you in carrying weighty loads and working more comfortably. Make sure that you take your time yet, it will be worth your money and your effort in the end.

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